LEO - Steve Cannon Memorial Scholarship Award

Steve Cannon Memorial Scholarship Award... What is it?

The Steve Cannon Memorial Scholarship is an additional monetary amount awarded to a deserving awardee, based upon the selection of the judges during the interview process. The awardee selected for this additional monetary amount will be chosen based upon a variety of factors including academic excellence, need, and special situation. This special honor is announced during the award ceremony.

About Steve Cannon

Steve Cannon was a LEO member for several years and was passionate about the organization's mission. Like all of us he was a volunteer. Steve was a very special person who had the gift to communicate with anyone. He was the "go to guy" if you wanted to get something done and you could always count on him to be there without question.

Steve was dedicated to getting students enrolled in the scholarship program and he took extra steps to follow-up with the applicants to ensure the form was completed correctly. He was an excellent recruiter and never took short cuts. He always performed over and above the call of service.

The LEO Organization wants to recognize Steve's legacy by granting the Steve Cannon Scholarship Award. This award in his memory serves to recognize those who strive to be the best they can be by working to accomplish their goals in life as he did.

By Al Cooper, former LEO Chair and longtime LEO Board Member

LEO would like to thank the Mall of America for partnering with them in the Steve Cannon Memorial Scholarship.

This special scholarship honors the late Steve Cannon, a former employee of the Mall of America Security Department and long time valued LEO Board Member. We invite you to visit the Mall of America's website by clicking on their logo below.

Mall of America


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To promote and increase cultural diversity in law enforcement, criminal justice, and correction careers; to provide education to communities of color and women regarding career opportunities within these professions; and to assist law enforcement, criminal justice, educational organizations, and corrections agencies in the recruitment of these populations.

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